Clock Radio Gun Safe

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Are you in the market for a unique and functional product to keep your belongings safe and secure? Look no further than our Clock Radio Gun Safe roundup, where we’ve gathered a selection of top-rated options to fit your needs and budget. From classic designs to state-of-the-art features, these innovative timepieces not only act as a clock radio but also offer a convenient storage solution for your firearms. Dive into our carefully curated guide to find the perfect Clock Radio Gun Safe for your home or office.

The Top 18 Best Clock Radio Gun Safe

  1. Hornady RAPiD Safe Night Guard: Fast, Secure, and versatile Gun Safe with RFID Technology — Secure your firearm and valuables in style with the Hornady RAPiD Safe Night Guard, featuring fast and easy access through patented RFID technology, ample storage, and smart charging options for your electronic devices.
  2. Union Safe Company Heavy-Duty Electronic Floor Gun Safe — Union Safe Company’s 1.51 Cu. ft. Electronic Lock Gun Floor Safe offers rock-solid security for your valuables, with tamper-proof hinges, heavy gauge bolts, a dual-entry lock, and easy-to-use features for added peace of mind.
  3. Vaultek NMXi Smart Safe: Wi-Fi Biometric Gun Safe with Height Adjustable Shelf and Customizable Modular Accessories — The Vaultek NMXi Wi-Fi High Capacity Rugged Smart Safe provides biometric security, ample storage, and WiFi connectivity in an attractive, durable package.
  4. Hornady Fireproof Keypad Safe — Secure Storage Solution for Valuables — Secure and store your valuable items with ease, thanks to the Hornady Fireproof Keypad Safe’s heavy-duty construction, electronic lock, and 30-minute fireproof rating.
  5. Premium 24 Gun Fire and Water Safe with Electronic Security — Experience ultimate protection with the Wasatch 24 Gun Fire and Water Safe, featuring a 30-minute fire rating at 1400F, waterproof for 72 hours, a backlit electronic lock, ample storage, and recessed doors for increased resistance against prying.
  6. Secure WiFi RFID Gun Safe with Organizer & Adjustable Shelf — Secure and convenient storage for your firearm, equipped with innovative features like California DOJ Approval, patented RFID technology, and WiFi capabilities.
  7. Mahogany Stain Quartz Movement Gun Concealment Clock — Secure your valuables with the Kraiovim Peace Keeper Tall Rectangular Working Clock Gun Concealment Diversion Safe, boasting solid wood construction, reliable quartz movement, and convenient storage.
  8. Discreet Magnetic Firearm Hiding Clock — This concealment clock from Peace Keeper Gun Concealment combines a stylish, solid wood design with reliable quartz movement, allowing you to discreetly hide your valuables, while featuring an elegant Roman numeral clock display.
  9. Secure RFID Shotgun Wall Lock with Convenient Access — The Hornady Rapid Safe Shotgun Wall Lock RFID offers quick access, convenience, and top-notch security, making it a sturdy and durable choice for shotgun owners.
  10. Heavy-Duty Biometric Gun Safe for Quick Access and Enhanced Security — Unlock your peace of mind with Stalwart’s Biometric Desk Mount Gun Safe, offering quick access, 3-option security, and strong construction, all within a sleek black design.
  11. Tactical Wall Clock with Hidden Storage — Sleek and efficient design, the Tactical Walls 1410M Clock Standard offers fast access to concealed storage, crafted with precision and boasting accurate timekeeping, making it the perfect discreet hidden gem.
  12. Vaultek Barikade Sub Compact Pistol Safe: Secure Storage for Handguns & Small Valuables — The Vaultek Barikade Series 1 Biometric Safe offers a combination of sleek design, robust security features, and flexible storage options, perfect for all your valuables and essential documents.
  13. Vaultek Bluetooth Smart Safe: Enhanced Security for Safekeeping — Secure your valuables and protect your belongings with the Vaultek VS20 Series (Non-Biometric) Smart Safe — Sandstone, featuring Bluetooth compatibility, advanced security features, and a compact design.
  14. Compact Wireless WiFi Enabled Gun Safe — Secure and convenient, the Hornady Rapid Safe Compact Ready Vault with WiFi offers unmatched security, quick access, and versatile storage options for gun enthusiasts.
  15. Discreet Mantle Clock with Hidden Compartment — A stylish and practical PSP Gun Concealment Clock, offering a secure hiding place for valuable items or firearms while appearing just like any other mantle clock.
  16. Affordable 14-Gun Clock Radio Gun Safe — The Homak HS30120140 14-Gun First Watch Cabinet — Black, a durable and reliable storage solution, is designed for 14 guns and packed with features for various applications, making it a perfect addition to your emergency road kit at an affordable cost.
  17. Vaultek VT20 Rugged Bluetooth Smart Safe — Stylish and Convenient Safe Solution — Experience the coolest smart safe of 2017 with Vaultek’s VT20 Rugged Bluetooth Safe — packed with advanced security features, sleek design, and user-friendly functions.
  18. Vaultek Bluetooth Pistol Safe with 192x192 DPi Camera — Protect your belongings with the Vaultek SR20 Slider Safe, featuring advanced Bluetooth technology for seamless smartphone integration and efficient, long-lasting battery power.


Hornady RAPiD Safe Night Guard: Fast, Secure, and versatile Gun Safe with RFID Technology


I recently tried the Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard as a bedside safebox, and my experience was quite pleasant. The tempered glass front panel is a stylish addition that elegantly contains the RFID reader, clock display, and access code keypad. The safe exceeded my expectations with its heavy-duty exterior housing and hardened interior locking lugs, ensuring the highest level of firearm storage.

The patented RFID technology is a game-changer, allowing for fast, quiet, and hands-free access to the safe. The included 4 RFID tags are easy to program and can even be used to open other RAPiD Safes. Additionally, the user-programmed access code or mechanical key options provide additional convenience and security.

The Night Guard boasts a thoughtful design that includes a padded, whisper-quiet, spring-assisted drawer that can accommodate most full-sized handguns and valuables. The front of the drawer also has a rubberized insert/tray to protect the finish of your firearm.

Featuring two USB-A ports, the safe provides convenient charging for electronic devices. The AC and battery power options ensure your guns and valuables are protected 24/7. However, there is a slight downside in that the clock display has its own timer and may not accurately keep time.

Overall, the Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard is a well-built, attractive, and secure safebox that offers a variety of methods to unlock it. The only drawback is its clock display, but that shouldn’t outweigh the numerous benefits of this handy product.

Union Safe Company Heavy-Duty Electronic Floor Gun Safe


I recently had the chance to try out the Union Safe Company 1.51 Cu. ft. Electronic Lock Gun Floor Safe, and I must say, it’s quite impressive. The heavy-duty construction and electronic locking system provide a sense of security that’s hard to beat. I particularly liked the dual-entry lock, which allows you to enter via a digital keypad or a keyed override, adding an extra layer of protection.

While setting up my safe, I did encounter a couple of minor issues. The instructions, although not terrible, could have been better. I found myself referring to YouTube tutorials more than once to figure out certain aspects of the setup. Another thing I noticed was that the floor mount lag bolts were too short to mount the safe securely to the floor without some adjustments. However, these were relatively minor issues compared to the overall functionality of the safe.

In conclusion, the Union Safe Company 1.51 Cu. ft. Electronic Lock Gun Floor Safe is a sturdy and reliable option for securing your valuables. If you can overlook the few minor flaws, this safe offers excellent security for its price point. Just remember to have patience when setting it up and make the necessary adjustments for a more secure fit. Overall, I’m happy with my experience and would certainly recommend this safe to others.

Vaultek NMXi Smart Safe: Wi-Fi Biometric Gun Safe with Height Adjustable Shelf and Customizable Modular Accessories


I recently tried the Vaultek NMXi Wi-Fi High Capacity Rugged Smart Safe, and let me tell you, it’s more than just a safe — it’s a gadget lover’s dream come true. This WiFi-enabled safe is designed to offer customization options that even the most enthusiastic gun owner would appreciate.

The height-adjustable shelf, equipped with not one but three positions, is a fantastic feature. It slides out effortlessly for your convenience and can hold up to eight guns with its twin pistol rack. The best part? Additional racks and other accessories, like magazine racks, can be purchased separately to truly tailor the interior to your specific needs.

The Vaultek NMXi is built to last, with its hybrid 12-gauge and 14-gauge steel housing and 12-gauge door that opens automatically. The biometric scanner, Nano K enabled, is a quick and secure access method, while the backlit numeric keypad and manual keys provide additional options for those who prefer a more traditional approach. The safe itself can hold up to 20 unique fingerprints for added convenience.

One minor issue I faced was the door occasionally popping open if not closed at the right angle or tight enough. However, this safe is truly built like a tank, so the sturdiness is never in question. As for smart technology, the WiFi connectivity lets you monitor the safe from your smartphone, receiving critical alerts and allowing you to customize your safe preferences through the Vaultek WiFi app or web dashboard. The interior LED lights are a great feature, providing high visibility to your items.

All in all, this rugged Wi-Fi enabled safe by Vaultek is a reliable, sturdy, and customizable option designed for those who demand precision and control in handling their valuable firearms and other valuables. Its sleek construction and state-of-the-art features make it a must-have for enthusiasts, while its ease of use makes it suitable for everyone.

Hornady Fireproof Keypad Safe — Secure Storage Solution for Valuables


I’ve been using the Hornady Fireproof Keypad Safe for a while now, and boy does it secure my valuables like nobody’s business. The weight of this thing is nothing short of impressive — I don’t doubt thieves would think twice before attempting a break-in! It’s not just a pretty face either, with its robust 16 gauge steel body and 8 gauge door. The electronic lock coupled with the key backup has never let me down, and the interior light illuminates things just right without revealing too much.

The fireproof rating of 30 minutes at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit gives me peace of mind knowing my important documents and firearms are safe in case of a disaster. Speaking of firearms, the removable interior shelf allows for flexible storage that fits my handgun perfectly. And let’s not forget about the LED visual warning light reminding me when the battery’s low — a thoughtful touch, indeed.

However, the only drawback is the lack of water resistance — something I wish was included. But overall, this safe has been an excellent addition to my home security setup, and I’m definitely considering buying another one in the future.

Premium 24 Gun Fire and Water Safe with Electronic Security


I recently had the opportunity to use the Wasatch 24 Gun Fire and Water Safe with E-Lock 24EGW in my daily life. This safe is truly built with the user in mind and provides an excellent value for long gun storage protection. One of the standout features is its fireproof and waterproof capabilities; it can withstand temperatures up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes and stay waterproof for 72 hours in up to 2 feet of standing water.

The electronic lock with an alarm-U function and backup key is another highlight. Not only does it provide great security, but the alarm-U function also offers theft alert and deterrent alarm, ensuring that your valuables are well-protected. The exterior hinges allow for a full 180-degree opening, giving you complete access to your safe’s contents. The interior door storage and 3-spoke handle are both visually appealing and functional, making it a great choice for gun enthusiasts.

However, one potential drawback is the weight of the safe. It weighs between 350 and 450 pounds, which can be a challenge for moving and setting up. Additionally, the customer service during the pick-up process was less than ideal, as they were unable to provide specific dimensions for the box and did not offer help with loading it into the vehicle.

Overall, the Wasatch 24 Gun Safe is a sturdy and attractive option for long gun storage with its ample protection features. While the weight and customer service may be areas for improvement, the benefits of this fireproof and waterproof safe make it a worthwhile investment.

Secure WiFi RFID Gun Safe with Organizer & Adjustable Shelf


As a gun enthusiast, I’ve tried many safes, but the Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault has been a game-changer in my experience. First off, the digital keypad and backup mechanical key offer effortless access while ensuring reliable security. Additionally, the neoprene floor mat keeps my guns securely upright without any slippage, which is a major plus.

However, one downside I discovered was the limited space for storage of my handguns and rifles. Despite having a modular and compact design, it required some creative rearrangement to accommodate all my firearms. Another minor drawback was the occasional glitch with the WiFi and RFID technology, but the manual override feature came in handy when needed.

Overall, the Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault has been a reliable and efficient part of my daily life, providing quick access to my firearms while maintaining safety and security.

Mahogany Stain Quartz Movement Gun Concealment Clock


I was excited to try out the Kraiovim Peace Keeper Tall Rectangular Working Clock Gun Concealment Diversion Safe. Upon opening the package, I noticed the sleek, rich mahogany stain on the solid wood exterior. The reliable quartz movement with the magnetically latched, hinged front panel made it effortless to access my handgun and other valuables.

However, I found that the dimensions of the safe were slightly larger than expected, making it a bit challenging to conceal in tight spaces. Overall, the product had great craftsmanship, but its size was a slight drawback.

Discreet Magnetic Firearm Hiding Clock


I was always intrigued by the idea of a concealment clock, so when I received the Tall Gun Concealment Clock from Peace Keeper Gun Concealment, I was eager to try it out. Solid wood construction with a mahogany finish made it look sturdy and sophisticated. The front panel featured a magnetic latch closure for easy access to the hidden compartment.

The precision quartz movement kept the clock running smoothly, while the Roman numeral display added a subtle touch of elegance. Opening the magnetically latched panel revealed a spacious hidden compartment perfect for storing valuable documents, important items, or even a concealed weapon, depending on your needs.

Placing the clock on a bookshelf at home or in the office created an air of sophistication, and I was pleased to note that the concealed compartment was not easily noticeable. The inclusion of two keys for securing the panel further boosted my confidence in the product’s reliability.

Despite everything working smoothly, I did experience minor frustration when the big and small hands on the clock regularly got stuck, and I had to manually adjust the time. However, this didn’t impact the clock’s overall functionality, and I continued to appreciate the clever design and concealment capabilities.

In conclusion, the Tall Gun Concealment Clock from Peace Keeper Gun Concealment would make an excellent addition to anyone’s home or office, providing a subtle and innovative solution to hiding valuable items or a concealed weapon if needed. While there is a touch of frustration in dealing with the occasional stuck hands, the pros heavily outweigh the cons, making it a worthwhile purchase for those seeking both functionality and style.

Secure RFID Shotgun Wall Lock with Convenient Access


Last week, I decided to try out Hornady’s Rapid Safe Shotgun for myself. I’ve always been a fan of their products, and this one piqued my interest. From the moment I took it out of the box, I could tell that this safe was built to last. The exterior housing is made of thick, 14-gauge steel, giving it a sturdy and secure feel.

When it came to setting it up, it was a breeze. The pre-drilled mounting holes made installation quick and easy. I mounted it horizontally in a closet, giving me quick access to my shotgun when I needed it. The RFID tag system is convenient and touch-free, allowing me to open the safe with just a simple wave of my wrist.

However, there were a few downsides to this product. Firstly, it’s smaller than I expected. While it fits my shotgun, I couldn’t imagine fitting two in there. Secondly, the lock mechanism can be quite loud, which is something to consider if you’re looking to keep things discreet. Lastly, the WiFi feature is essentially pointless, as it only works if the safe is continuously plugged in.

Overall, the Hornady Rapid Safe Shotgun is a solid choice for anyone looking for a secure and convenient way to store their shotgun. It’s well-built, easy to set up, and the RFID tag system adds a touch of convenience. However, it’s not perfect, and there are a few things to keep in mind before making your purchase.

Heavy-Duty Biometric Gun Safe for Quick Access and Enhanced Security


As a reviewer, I’ve been using this Stalwart Biometric Desk Mount Gun Safe for a few weeks now, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for my home security. The biometric design is a brilliant feature, allowing me to quickly access my firearms with just a touch of my finger. The backup keys are a great fallback plan for those times when the fingerprint scanner isn’t working, or if I need to share access with a family member or friend.

One thing that stands out about this safe is its robust construction. The 14-gauge carbon steel feels incredibly solid, providing a sense of security that’s hard to find in other gun safes. However, I do wish it came with an impact detection system or even a fire rating. Overall, this Stalwart gun safe has made my daily life much more secure, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly gun safe.

Tactical Wall Clock with Hidden Storage


I recently tried the Tactical Walls 1410M Clock Standar — Black as a part of my daily routine. This clock, while looking great, served a practical purpose of concealing some valuable items that I might need access to quickly. The clock’s design is sleek and it blends perfectly with my room decor. I’ve hidden ammunition and a pocket knife within its hidden compartment for safe-keeping.

The Tactical Walls 1410M Clock Standar — Black is designed in such a way that it can store not just firearms, but also personal items like paperwork, cash, or even electronics. This makes it a versatile piece for my needs. The clock mechanism, on the other hand, functions accurately and smoothly, ensuring that it keeps me on time in a day that feels like it’s non-stop.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The clock does have a thin plastic build, which makes it slightly cheap looking. And, the locking mechanism is Velcro, which doesn’t feel very secure or durable in the long run. These were my least favorite bits about the product.

Nonetheless, despite its flaws, the Tactical Walls 1410M Clock Standar — Black proved to be a stylish and practical addition to my life. I’d recommend people who are looking for a multi-functional, yet stylish piece for their home to consider this clock.

Vaultek Barikade Sub Compact Pistol Safe: Secure Storage for Handguns & Small Valuables


One day, I decided to try the Vaultek Barikade Sub Compact Pistol Safe Series 1. At first, I was unsure how convenient it would be to manage my handguns, passports, and other documents. However, as I explored its compact design and built-in lid organizer, I felt an instant sense of relief and ease. This safe promised a sturdy and secure storage solution for all my valuable items.

The precision-built steel enclosure felt incredibly sturdy, offering a sense of craftsmanship that impressed me. The safe fit perfectly into my nightstand, making it a low-profile addition. Its anti-prry reinforced construction and tamper detection feature ensured that my valuables were safe and secure.

The smart sense digital keypad impressed me with its simple and responsive touch-sensitive buttons. The optional biometric scanning feature added an extra layer of security, allowing me to store up to 20 unique fingerprints. There were some minor issues, though — the fingerprint reader didn’t always recognize my prints on the first try, and the keypad’s limited number of keys posed a challenge when creating memorable passwords with my wife.

Overall, my experience using the Vaultek Barikade Series 1 Biometric Safe exceeded my expectations. It was a stylish and functional addition to my home that gave me peace of mind while keeping my valuables secure and organized.

Vaultek Bluetooth Smart Safe: Enhanced Security for Safekeeping


In my quest for a reliable and secure smart safe, I stumbled across the Vaultek VS20 Series Non-Biometric Smart Safe in a Sandstone finish. It promised to offer a highly interactive experience through Bluetooth 2.0, manageable features, and redesigned UI for optimal functionality. My daily life included trips to the office, carrying my belongings in my backpack, and needing a sturdy safe to hold my valuables.

Upon setting it up, I found the Bluetooth 2.0 feature to be quite intuitive — it allowed me to easily manage the safe and track my activity with my smartphone, all within Bluetooth range. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery promised a reliable power source, lasting up to 6 months on a single charge, which surpassed my expectations.

What stood out in my experience was the compact design of the safe. It securely held one handgun and a couple of magazines, passport, cash, and was easily mountable or tethered to various surfaces. The tough and rugged construction of the 16-gauge carbon steel added an extra layer of security to the already sturdy unibody design.

One of the highlights for me was the quick access to valuables and documents, made possible by the automatic opening lid and responsive LED lighting. I found the safe to be easily portable for travel purposes, and the included hardware allowed me to secure it to a nightstand, desk, or vehicle effortlessly.

However, the product did have some drawbacks. While the automatic opening lid was responsive, there were instances where the LED lighting was too dim for clear visibility. Additionally, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery took 2.5 hours to charge with the included charging kit.

In conclusion, the Vaultek VS20 Series Non-Biometric Smart Safe in Sandstone provided an overall reliable and secure experience for storing and accessing my valuables. While it did have a few minor drawbacks, the convenience and peace of mind it offered made it worth considering for my daily life needs.

Compact Wireless WiFi Enabled Gun Safe


I’ve been using the Hornady Rapid Safe Compact Ready Vault with WiFi for a few weeks now, and it’s been a game-changer for my daily routine. The exterior dimensions are spot on at 52.2 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches, with a sturdy handle adding a nice touch. Inside, the vault offers plenty of space with dimensions of 51 inches by 9.8 inches by 8 inches.

One of the biggest features that stands out is the patented RFID technology, which is incredibly convenient and secure. The SQUARE-LOK organizing system is versatile and practical, allowing me to customize the storage options according to my needs. It even comes with a gun rack included, making it perfect for gun enthusiasts.

Another highlight is the backup override keys, WiFi connectivity, and the adjustable interior shelf on the interior peg board wall. I also appreciate the pre-drilled bolt-down holes and the heavy-duty steel construction that ensures durability and security. The safe even comes with California DOJ Approval, providing peace of mind knowing it meets high standards.

On the downside, the safe is not water-resistant, which could be an issue for those living in areas prone to flooding. Additionally, the alarm is advertised as anti-theft, but it’s not as user-friendly as I would have liked. These minor issues, however, don’t outweigh the benefits of the Hornady Rapid Safe Compact Ready Vault with WiFi.

Discreet Mantle Clock with Hidden Compartment


I recently came across the PSP Gun Concealment Clock, and I must say, it’s a clever and practical little gadget for those looking for some extra security at home. Its design is subtle enough to fit in any room without drawing attention to itself, yet intriguing enough to keep the element of surprise going. The clock itself is pretty standard, with a simple face and hands measuring the time.

One particular feature that caught my attention was the sturdy front panel held shut by two strong magnets. It’s as easy as could be to flip open the top half and access whatever’s hidden inside, but securely closed when you’re not using it. To top it all off, it’s lightweight enough to move around easily, yet sturdy enough to hold its own.

However, I did notice a minor drawback. As it only resembles the clock from the first picture and not that of the second, it might disappoint those expecting something more elaborate. It could potentially be a deal-breaker for those with an eye for aesthetic authenticity.

Overall, the PSP Gun Concealment Clock is a nifty little home security item that doesn’t try too hard to blend in. It’s inconspicuous yet functional — the perfect blend for those looking for a cleverly concealed solution. And yes, it definitely does offer extra security for valuable possessions, or maybe even something more. . valuable in a home without children.

Affordable 14-Gun Clock Radio Gun Safe


In my experience, the Homak HS30120140 gun cabinet has been a reliable and practical addition to my home security. It’s a sturdy and well-built cabinet made from high-quality materials, offering peace of mind that your firearms are safely protected. The black finish adds to its discreet and sleek design, fitting in with any home decor.

One of the features I appreciate the most about this cabinet is its versatility. With the ability to store 14 different firearms, it’s perfect for gun enthusiasts with a wide range of firearms. Moreover, its emergency road kit ensures that you’re prepared for unexpected situations, making it a must-have for gun owners who are always on the move.

While the product is generally easy to use and convenient, I did notice one small downside. Setting up the cabinet can be a bit tricky, but once everything is in place, it’s smooth sailing. Overall, if you’re looking for a long-lasting, secure, and convenient way to store your firearms, the Homak HS30120140 gun cabinet is a great choice.

Vaultek VT20 Rugged Bluetooth Smart Safe — Stylish and Convenient Safe Solution


Imagine you’re a security-conscious individual who wants to protect their firearm, keys, and other essentials in a sleek and sophisticated way. Enter the Vaultek VT20 Rugged Bluetooth Smart Safe, the coolest safe of 2017 designed to meet your needs.

This smart safe offers a variety of ways to access and secure your belongings. From Bluetooth app connectivity to key override and even RFID access, you’ll never worry about not being able to get into your safe. The 4–8 digit electronic codes combined with the sturdy construction ensure peace of mind, no matter what.

But it’s not just about security — the Vaultek VT20 is also designed for convenience. The proximity sensor illuminates the keypad in low light situations, while the number keys and the keypad itself offer first-rate lighting. This safe also features a protective silicone cover, not to mention the hard cover grip and progressive formed 16 gauge steel construction. Not to mention the dual etched key design for an added layer of security.

Despite its many features, the VT20 Rugged Bluetooth Smart Safe is surprisingly easy to set up and use. It is also available in VT20 (Non-Biometric) color variant, perfect for you to showcase its modern design and craftsmanship.

Some users might find its compatibility with certain nano keys a bit confusing, but the overall experience is worth it. The Vaultek VT20 Rugged Bluetooth Smart Safe is an attractive, well-made, and sturdy option for anyone seeking a combination of smart security and stylish design.

Vaultek Bluetooth Pistol Safe with 192x192 DPi Camera


As a reviewer, I’ve had the chance to use the Vaultek Slider Series SR20 Pistol Safe, and I must say, it’s been life-changing for my home security. The Bluetooth feature is a game-changer, enabling me to monitor the safe from the comfort of my phone. I love how the new design and user interface make it easy for me to manage the safe and keep track of its activity.

One of the aspects I truly appreciate is the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, guaranteeing power for up to 4 months. I also like that the battery is easily rechargeable in just 2.5 hours. However, I’ve noticed that the biometric sensor on the safe doesn’t always pick up my fingerprint with 100% accuracy. It’d be great if future iterations improve this feature. Overall, I’m a big fan of this safe and its innovative Bluetooth capabilities.

Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing the perfect clock radio gun safe can be a challenging task. There are numerous options available on the market, making it easy to get overwhelmed by choices. However, by considering the following factors, you can make a confident and informed purchase.

Size and Capacity


The biggest factor to consider when selecting a clock radio gun safe is its size and capacity. Determine how many guns and ammunition you intend to store in the safe. Calculate the dimensions of the available space in your home and choose a clock radio gun safe that can fit into that area.

Locking Mechanisms

Security should be a top priority when shopping for a clock radio gun safe. Multiple locking mechanisms, such as combination locks, electronic locks, and biometric locks, add an extra layer of security. Look for a clock radio gun safe that offers these different types of locking mechanisms and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Construction Materials

The construction materials used in the clock radio gun safe play a vital role in its durability and strength. It is advisable to opt for a mix of materials, including heavy-duty steel and reinforced composite materials. These materials make the safe more resistant to burglary and break-ins, keeping your valuable possessions safe.


Battery Backup

A clock radio gun safe with a battery backup system ensures that your clock radio functions even during power outages. This feature also keeps the safe operational in case of a main power failure, protecting your valuables from intruders.

Additional Features

Many clock radio gun safes come with additional features worth considering. These may include built-in alarm systems, LED display lights, clock radio settings that are customizable, and more.

Warranty and Customer Support


To ensure your clock radio gun safe is reliable and of high-quality, look for a model that comes with a warranty and reliable customer support. This will provide peace of mind, knowing that any issues can be resolved quickly by the manufacturer’s customer support team.

Take your time to research the product options, comparing different brands and models. Once you find the right clock radio gun safe that meets your specific requirements, purchase it from a reputable retailer with excellent customer reviews.


What is a Clock Radio Gun Safe?

A Clock Radio Gun Safe is a combination of a clock radio and a gun safe. It allows users to safely store their guns while also providing a convenient way to set an alarm clock, listen to the radio, and charge their devices.


What features are commonly found in a Clock Radio Gun Safe?

  • Gun Storage: Most Clock Radio Gun Safes have multiple storage compartments to keep guns secure and separate from other storage spaces.
  • Alarm Clock Functionality: Users can set their desired wake-up time, alarm tone, and snooze option for an added level of convenience.
  • Radio Reception: Many models come with built-in FM radio reception, allowing users to listen to their favorite stations or tune in to local news and weather updates.
  • Charging Ports: Most Clock Radio Gun Safes have USB charging ports for mobile devices, ensuring that users can stay connected even while their guns are stored.

How secure are Clock Radio Gun Safes?

Clock Radio Gun Safes are generally secure, as they often include features like locking mechanisms, pry-resistant doors, and security screws to prevent unauthorized access. However, the level of security can vary between models, so it’s essential to choose a quality safe with strong build materials and an effective locking system.

Are Clock Radio Gun Safes easy to use?


Yes, they are designed to be user-friendly. Users can easily set the alarm clock, switch between radio stations, and charge their devices. Many models also come with clear digital displays, making it simple to view and operate the settings.

What materials are Clock Radio Gun Safes made of?

Materials may vary between manufacturers and models, but many Clock Radio Gun Safes are constructed using high-quality steel or other durable materials to ensure longevity and protection for stored firearms.

Is it worth investing in a Clock Radio Gun Safe?

If you’re looking for a convenient and secure way to store your guns and have an alarm clock and radio functions at the same time, then a Clock Radio Gun Safe could be an excellent investment. Just make sure to choose a reliable model with strong security features.

Can I find different types of Clock Radio Gun Safes?

Yes, there are various types of Clock Radio Gun Safes available in the market. You can find models with different sizes, designs, and features to suit your specific needs and preferences.